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About us

The sale of homes, existing or newly built, and apartments is a whole different ball game within real estate. For starters, an asking price must be determined and that isn't always easy in the current market. The project developer or vendor of the existing home wants to generate the highest possible profit at the lowest costs, while the estate agent knows the realistic market value of the property and wants to sell. The buyer mainly wants security, to know what he i's in for and to have clarity about the home of their choice in a timely manner. A process that can cause a lot of tension, especially in the current housing market. makes it possible to serve all interests, in a way that i's transparent for everyone and at the lowest costs for the vendor and developer. This is important as the buyer also benefits from a more convenient final purchase price. All homes and apartments are shown in a clear overview on our website and, also on Funda, through the collaborating estate agent, Every object, i's clearly listed either width a fixed selling price or otherwise with an asking price. In the last case, the buyer can enter the amount that he is prepared to pay for the home or apartment.

As a buyer, you can register at for free. At the home of your choice, you enter the amount you are prepared to pay for it. All those registered are neatly listed with a registration number, the amount of their registration and any conditions, so you can see which offers have been made on the same property. An extremely transparent bidding process, without any tales about other possible bidders.

You can see whether anyone has already made an offer on your chosen home and the amount offered. You can make an offer subject to financing or subject to the sale of your current home, but you can also make an offer without reservation.

Based on the offers and accompanying conditions, the vendor or developer and thier estate agent will together choose the applicant with whom they want to enter a purchase agreement

For developers and their real estate agents

On behalf of the developer and their estate agents, we take care of the sale by registration, display the objects on our website and also on Funda through the estate agent and will, start a national marketing campaign, in consultation. offers a solution - we arrange the presentation at a competitive price per home or apartment.

What do we do, what does the developer/estate agent do?

We notice that developers or vendors of existing homes are much better at handling several matters, and would rather handle them together with their estate agent. To be very clear, we aren't estate agents ourselves, but have the tools for the estate agent to present their listings in the most transparent way through registration.

  • By using a fixed selling price or by dynamic pricing (both online), we achieve the best result for the client in terms of price, possible conditions and financial feasibility. 
  • Dynamic pricing is a possibility, if the market value isn't sufficiently known in advance. This way the property is sold at the right market value.
  • Clarifying which bidders there are and which conditions each one has presented.
  • Supporting and carrying out a regional and/or national promotional campaign. This is always ran by the estate agent or developer first and is then supervised, advised and carried out by us. 
  • In case of new homes: Information days/nights, one of our estate agents can be present here to provide information/explanation about 
  • Completion of the purchase agreement, which can be done in a digital format, at the estate agent’s office or in the sales office on location.



Collaboration with estate agencies:

Estate agencies can register and upload existing homes/apartments or new development projects on behalf of vendors and/or developers and use the registration platform by using dynamic pricing/price optimisation or list the fixed selling price on the platform. 

Using our home file (which your firm will have access to for the properties signed up by you), you have a full and up-to-date overview of your leads and candidates. Smart algorithms calculate the most ideal distribution of registrations across properties. While doing so, the system keeps your criteria and the candidates’ preferences in mind. U can always modify a distribution manually and stay in control.

At a successful sale, we charge a commision in accordance with the number of properties. You will remain the person to contact and will handle the sale in consultation with your client.