Collaboration with estate agencies

Real estate agents, can register with us and upload existing homes/apartments or new development projects on behalf of your clients: vendor and/or project developers. They can use the registration platform by using dynamic pricing/price optimisation or list the fixed selling price on the platform. Our home file gives you a full and up-to-date overview of your leads and candidates. Smart algorithms calculate the most ideal distribution of registrations across properties. While doing so, the system keeps your criteria and the candidates’ preferences in mind. However, you can always modify a distribution manually, and stay in control.
At a successful sale, we charge a commission in accordance with the number of properties. You will remain the person to contact and will handle the sale in consultation with your client.

Van Santvoort

Our company has had branches in Eindhoven, Helmond, Eersel, Neunen and Deurne since 1976. Being a market leader in the field of real estate and financial services in the south-east of Brabant, we offer our clients a wide variety of specialised services in the real estate sector. The strength of our employees is a combination of personal attention, specialised knowledge, a large network and independent service.

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