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Registration explained

New: Register for homes online

Whether it concerns an existing home or a newly built home, the idea of registration is nothing new. However, in previous times this used to be carried out by way of a closed envelope system, in wich every bidder was asked to provide an envelope with an offer. One could determine the amount oneself, but had no idea of what to offer in order to qualify for the home.
This sometimes resulted in unnecessarily high (irresponsible) offers that were far above market value. Nowadays, one does not have to offer an irresponsible amount, as a clear insight is provided.
That is the most transparent way to reach the right value.


100% transparent and equal to everyone.

Everyone is offered the ability to register for the properties on offer, based on the indicated starting price (either no additional costs or buyer's costs). If multiple candidates have registered for the same home, you have the possibility to make an offer that exceeds the asking price. This way, you increase your chances.

Using the platform, everyone can view the amount and the conditions of the offers.

The personal information provided by every client is anonymous. If a candidate has made the highest offer on multiple homes, then this person is able to choose the home they prefer. The other homes will then be made available to the next highest bidder. This could occur when, for example, there are insufficient means available to buy the home (private funds or by way of financing).

That is why registering is important, even when you want to register an offer under the amount of the highest bidder.

You are kept informed about the developments by e-mail.